How He Asked!?

It was nearly 3 years ago (August 28, 2015), when he courageously asked the “Magical words “Will You Marry Me? Since then, everything turns into a magical moment.

To start with, it was a just an ordinary  Friday for us and as usual, we’re going to St. Mary’s Church for a Filipino Mass. He is a type of person who doesn’t care of what I wear because he believes I can manage myself:), but that time he asked me to wear something formal or at least wear a dress. Was a bit confused that time, with no idea whats going on that day?

So, we went to the church, ate lunch in the mall… After which, I wanted to go home but he insists not to, he wanted to walk around and spend some time and go home evening time. So okay, I did what he wants. We go to the mall looking, buying whatever we see.Nevertheless, he always on the phone talking to someone (but I did not ask who are they) It was nearly 7pm when I asked him to go home as I feel sleepy that time (still no idea whats going on, totally 0). Finally, he said okay we’re going home.

He opened the main door and directly go to our room and opened it. The room was dim, the only light that makes the room bright were the candles decorated in a heart shape. The room was quiet, I heard some light music going on, I saw flowers, balloons hanging from the ceiling, our photos together. I saw one medium card says, “Happy Monthsary” I was surprised then, as he was not a type of guy who surprises me and this is his first time to do it as I always tell him, I hate surprises. But anyways, I appreciate it.

Then, after few moments, he grabbed the card on the wall with “Happy Monthsary” but behind it was a meaningful word “Will You Marry Me”? I was so shocked, the whole day I really don’t have any idea that he is going to do this… A quiet moment, he kneeled and courageously asked me, Honey, Will You Marry Me? He was saying something before asking those magical words, but I was still on high and can’t hear anything except those magical words. My eyes began to cry, reminisce all the things we do and shared together, memories are flashing back to my ears like a melody and sweet tweet of a bird in the sky.


That moment, I told my self not to cry coz I don’t what to! I made my answer in a comedy way so I will not cry. And I said, “Yes, I want to Marry you” and spend the rest of my life with you. Everything changes. Seems like an ordinary girl become a Princess. Ever since I always told him if in case he wants to do a proposal in the future, please do it the simplest way I want, I don’t want in a public neither too many people around me. At first, what he really wants is, he just wanted to give the ring to me and that’s it! But 3 angels wanted it in such a way that I feel so love and feel like a princess in a moment, so that happened!

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 1.24.35 PM

So, This is how he asked… This was the starting of our journey together not as a Boyfriend-Girlfriend relationship, but as an Engaged couple…Hope you guys find your Mr. Right!!!

Here’s my message after the magical “Yes” August 28, 2015

I don’t know how to begin this. What I know is, my heart is filled with so much joy and fulfillment.

When I looked back on the past 2 years, I can say that we’ve grown enough… Yesterday (August 28, 2015) marks the end of our boy/girl relationship and the beginning of the new path in our life.

You know I’ve always wanted the simplest way, and I hate surprises but I cannot complain as last night was the best surprise I have ever received. You planned the proposal for less than 24hrs and your 3 ANGELS prepared for 5 hours!? I can say you did a great job! YOU NAILED IT!

Thanks to our ANGELS for their great ideas for putting together such simple yet worthy, we owe you a lot💋. The word “Promise” is sacred to us, so now I promise to love and take care of you until our old age. This is my ‘Word of Honour’ from me to you😇.

Last night, He nervously asked, “Will You Marry Me”
And I said… Yesssssssssss!!❤️
And now we are engaged
And we feel so truly blessed!
#OfficiallyEngaged #82815


UAE President issues new Tax Procedures Law

This should help “ease the nation into the VAT and excise tax systems”
Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 3.56.48 PM

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the Supreme Commander of the Union Defence Force has issued a new law defining the role of the Federal Tax Authority, FTA.

Federal Law No. 7 of 2017 for Tax Procedures also sets out the foundation for the planned UAE tax system. The law issued yesterday also defines a clear set of common procedures and rules that will be applied to all tax laws in the UAE, namely, VAT and excise tax laws.

This includes tax procedures, audits, objections, refunds, collection and obligations such as tax registration, tax-return preparation, submissions, payment and voluntary disclosure rules.

According to local news agency WAM, the new federal also sets out a list of penalties for non-compliance. It also establishes a clear process for appeals and a fair and transparent environment for the FTA to carry out its mandate.

Speaking on the law, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, UAE Minister of Finance and FTA Chairman said: “The Law, issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan is an all-encompassing legislative framework that lays the groundwork for the UAE’s plan to implement taxes as a means to ensure sustainability and diversify the government’s revenue streams. The increased resources will enable the Government to maintain the momentum of its development and infrastructure for a better future.”

He added: “We are working to establish an optimal legislative and executive environment to ease the nation into the VAT and excise tax systems.

“Implementing these taxes gives the UAE further leverage when it comes to international competitiveness and brings us one step closer towards building the future envisioned by our wise leaders, who have called on all those in charge to innovate and strive to spread happiness among citizens and residents.”

If you’re new to the UAE or to the concept of VAT here’s what you need to know…

The news of the 5 percent VAT was confirmed earlier this year by the Under Secretary of the UAE Ministry of Finance, Younis Al Khouri, who stated that from January 1, 2018, all GCC countries will be enforcing a 5 percent VAT across the broad.

In a bid to soften the blow, the UAE announced that it will most likely be enforcing a waiver on around 100 goods and services, such as food and healthcare.

While businesses with annual revenues of over AED375,000 will be obliged to register for the GCC VAT system, there will be no income tax on salaries.

The cost of cigarettes and energy drinks will increase by 100 percent. According to an official report published by the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA), a 100 percent selective tax will be implemented on tobacco and energy drinks from the fourth quarter of this year. While a 50 percent tax will be added to all soft drinks.

Happiness is F.R.E.E.

Life is beautiful. Life is what we make it. But the big question is.. How to achieve happiness? Happiness can be found in  persons or things, but most importantly, it is found within yourself. Be true to yourself, be yourself, express yourself and never ever regret things you did which makes you happy. Learn from your mistakes, as this mistakes leads you to a better you. Nobody is perfect, im not perfect, but i live my life the way i wanted it to be. The key to “HAPPINESS” is freedom to do what you want and at the same time enjoying it.

Set aside negative things in your life, yet they are sometimes spices to make your life better, but ensure positivity and good vibes inspire your life. If you are happy it shows and everything make sense.

Here are some reminders to live by to achieve HAPPINESS:

  1. Surround yourself with good people. If you have an environment full of positivity and good people, expect that a person will be happy. Seeing people happy makes us happy. Sometimes we spend so much time looking for a true happiness, in fact happiness can be found in every corner. Put  things  in order, remember those people who support, love and remember you. Be nice to everyone, if you think you could be of help, then help! Helping other makes us happy.
  2. Accept Failures! Failure happens all the time. You’re not the only person who have failed in life. I, myself failed so many times, but those failures taught me to where i am right now. Learn to accept your mistakes, say sorry if you did something! Nobody is perfect, everyone commit mistakes and so are you, why be afraid? In a life full of surprises, sometimes we need to understand that some things are not in our control, don’t be upset, don’t panic, everything is under control, the best thing  to do is accept and move on. Always remember the best things in LIFE are FREE. Go and explore!
  3. Its time. Let Go! Let go of all the things happened to you. Let go of the past and embrace the present. You can’t move on if you are always living on the past. What’s important now is your present. Learn to let go of the things no longer in your life.Those things were already history that you should never bring back. GOODBYE to the old and say HELLO to the future!
  4. Start doing things you Love. If you love what you do even how complicated it is you will never say NO! We find joy and contentment of all the things we do, means we are likely more happier and healthier which is a good factor to influence other. Doing things you love makes you productive, motivated, fulfilled and off course no excuses to say no.
  5. Take Actions. Lastly to achieve happiness within you, take the actions. Be positive and optimistic always. Do the right things you know for a BETTER you, never settle for something you don’t love at all. Share what you have. Sharing is always good and at the end of the day you’ll see your self learning from the action you’d take.

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